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Introduction to Polyvagal Theory: Befriending Your Autonomic Nervous System with SAFE-T®

February 26

@ 10:00 am

February 27

@ 4:00 pm



Did you know that the School of SAFE-T®’s mission is…

To optimize the therapeutic experience by creating safety and connection using interoception, imagery, touch, play, movement and creativity to restore well-being?

To get to the heart of creating safety and connection in therapy, you need an understanding of Polyvagal Theory.  PVT is a brain-body science that has helped thousands of therapists make significant breakthroughs with clients.
While you might recognise the value of bringing the body into trauma treatment, you might not yet know how to apply interventions that client’s want to engage in. Interventions that clients will remember.  Interventions that will create change.  From the inside out. 
Which is why I am offering a two-day online training to simplify the science and show you how to use PVT to move clients beyond cycles of avoidance and re-traumatisation using the most cutting-edge, creative & playful tools; tools that are unique to the practice of SAFE-T®.  Please join me online and live for an…

Introduction to Polyvagal Theory: 
Befriending Your Autonomic Nervous System using SAFE-T®
Friday 19th & Saturday 20th November, 2021
10.00am – 4.00pm

I’d love you to join me for two insightful days where I break down the science to help you understand what Polyvagal Theory is all about; bring you somatic, creative & expressive exercises and experiments that support regulation & increase vagal tone; and provide small group discussions with peers that enhance your learning and networking with like-minded professionals. 
You will receive an ACA accredited certificate where you can gain OPD points.  And best of all, you will gain a new, personal, visual and tangible understanding of your own nervous system, as well as discovering new ways to support flexibility between states of protection and connection.
It excites me to know that a deeper understanding of Polyvagal Theory can support therapists to help client’s create greater capacity for recognising, seeking and creating safety, as opposed to automatically detecting and being hijacked by threat; and increasing healthy connection with others, instead of repeated patterns of behaviour that leave clients feeling lonely and hopeless.
To integrate the ‘Science of Safety’, Self-Regulation Practices, and Attachment Repair into your therapeutic practice, register now by clicking below to send me an email with your name, interest or questions.  I will send you an invoice, and once paid, you will receive a welcome email with a link to the training.


 This training is newly developed and is not a part of either of my other training series, however, it forms a foundation to the success of SAFE-T®.
I encourage you to take this opportunity now to learn about this fascinating modality and approach to trauma healing, before we move into the ‘silly season’, which is a time when our clients who struggle with social connection, addiction and family dynamics, can be most at-risk. If you have been intrigued by SAFE-T® or Polyvagal Theory before, now is the time to embark on this journey and add some new tools to your therapeutic toolbox.
For those of you who are considering working with me in 2022, either in the SAFE-T® training or in the Certificate in Trauma Informed Sand & Symboltraining, this will be a wonderful opportunity to build a solid foundation in my unique approach to healing trauma and repatterning attachment disruption.


Clients come to counselling suffering from a compromised ability to regulate their autonomic responses.  What we know is that the autonomic nervous system is shaped by early experience and reshaped with ongoing experience.
Thankfully, habitual response patterns can be interrupted, and new patterns can be created.  Teaching your clients to safely listen to their autonomic stories and shape their systems toward safety and connection is possible.
What’s also exciting is that in therapy clients can experience co-regulation and connection to your ventral vagal state and can safely explore experiences of mobilisation and collapse.  The experiential exercises introduced in these workshops can be introduced to clients in sessions and practiced between sessions.
Micro-moments build the foundation for your client’s physiological and psychological well-being.  With practice, your clients can replace disruption with a new state of equilibrium.



Monique Pangari
0439 456 335
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Introduction to Polyvagal Theory: 
Befriending Your Autonomic Nervous System using SAFE-T®
Friday 19th & Saturday 20th November, 2021
10.00am – 4.00pm

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