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A hybrid series of 9 weekly online workshops followed by one 5-day in-person training to extend your knowledge and skills, deepen your own personal process, review client cases, observe demonstrations and harness the powerful potential of Somatic Sand Therapy® as a modality to support trauma integration and post-traumatic growth.

Would you like to take your work with Somatic Sand Therapy® to the next level?

Want training that adds to your OPD points and provides registration as a Somatic Sand Therapist (SST)?

This training is an opportunity to extend your professional and conceptual understanding of Somatic Sand Therapy® for your client group. You will receive a comprehensive advanced level training where you can consolidate foundational skills, develop emerging skills and concepts, discuss and examine real life cases, watch demonstrations, view advanced level videos, practice facilitation skills, and most importantly spend precious time with your own psyche in the sand. During this training you will explore and engage with the language of your soul, and experience the healing and transformational power of your unconscious.

All case presentation hours will contribute toward ACA required professional group supervision hours.

2023 Dates, Times, Venue & Costs

Tuesday evenings: 6pm – 9pm

  1. 22 August – 24 October (live online)
  2. 18 – 22 October, 2023 (live in-person)


  • Up-front Payment Discounted Rate – $2,500 by 8 August, 2023.
  • Payment Plans consist of 6 x $500.
  • Includes a comprehensive manual, slides and recordings of all sessions.
  • Lunch, accomodation and travel are not included in the fees.

Please note: Certification is given to those attendees who have membership with a counselling association, ie. ACA, PACFA, AASW, APA, etc. This training is post-graduate training designed to support qualified counsellors and psychotherapists in their role with their current case load.


9 live weekly online modules and one in-person 5-day workshop on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Course Components

The 8 Online Modules and final 5-day workshops are described below:


Core Skills & Concept Development:

  • Embodying ‘Loving Presence’
  • Silence
  • Including the Body in Somatic Sand Therapy®
  • Incorporating Somatic Skills in Somatic Sand Therapy®
  • Embodying the Practice of Divided Attention
  • Using Somatic Skills in the Fertile Void
  • Free & Protected Space & Attachment Recovery
  • Symbology for Personal Transformation
  • The Satisfaction Cycle
  • The Use of Water
  • Active Imagination
  • Constellation of the Self
  • Restoration of Trust
  • Paradox: Tension of Opposites
  • Anima/Animus
  • The Self
  • The Shadow
  • Complexes
  • Projection
  • Individuation
  • Myth & Fairytale
  • 4 Steps of Transformation
  • Collective & Personal Unconscious
  • The Life/Death/Life Cycle in Sand Therapy
  • The Transcendent Function
  • Transference & Counter Transference
  • Case reviews with client – When & How
  • Mother/Child Unity – Movement toward Earned Secure Attachment
  • Incorporating MSSS Model (Movement, Sound, Storytelling, Silence)
  • Deepening Dreamwork
  • Archetypes
  • Symbols and the ‘Orders of Love’


Core Skills & Concept Development:

  • Demonstrations for Skill Development
  • Supervision and Analysis of Client Trays through Case Studies
  • Somatic Sand Therapy® Facilitation Practice
  • Personal Process
  • Video Viewing
  • Graduation

Course Structure & Requirements

The training consists of 9 x 3-hour weekly live online modules, 8 x 1.5 hour practical tutorials and one in-person 5-day module, across 10 weeks, so that you can integrate what you are learning with your client group as you go. The training provides 80 hours of classroom attendance. Participants must attend all modules and live trainings to receive certification and registration as a Somatic Sand Therapist (SST). Pre-requisite: Completion of Somatic Sand Therapy® – Level 1.

The training is highly experiential. There is some course work required and a reading list is provided. Each participant is required to engage in five case consultations and five Somatic Sand Therapy® personal sessions with the trainer and has two years to complete these. Any case consultations or personal processes done during the in-class training will count towards this requirement. This cost is not included in the fees.

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