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A three-day in-person accredited pre-requisite workshop to introduce you to the power of Somatic and Expressive ways to work with Trauma.

This a stand-alone 3-day training and is also the pre-requisite for the ongoing workshops in my annual SAFE-T® series.

Next Somatic Expressive Therapies® Dates:

When:  10 – 12 February, 2023

Where:  Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast, Qld

Fees:  $850 due by 10 January, $895 after this date

How:  In-Person

Hours:  24 hours

ACA accredited for OPD points:  Yes!
What is Somatic Expressive Therapy®?

The use of creativity, imagination, play and self-expression are used in many approaches to provide individual intervention with children and adults. These include and are not limited to: art therapy, play therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy, creative writing therapy, clay therapy, yoga therapy and sand therapy. Expressive Therapy is the integrative use of two or more of these approaches within the context of counselling and psychotherapy.

A trauma informed approach to counselling requires access to the limbic system, lower ‘fast’ brainstem, and right brain processing. We now know that bypassing the rational, left brain processing is imperative if we are to work with the implicit memory where trauma resides. This requires the use of language that targets the right part of the brain, as well as working somatically with the body through specific skills that help client’s build interoception, the vital skill of reading the signs and cues from the body. Combine these skills with the use of imagination, movement, symbology, creativity and play and you have Somatic Expressive Therapy®.

Somatic Expressive Therapies® provides brain integration and an engaging approach to working both with a client’s physiology and psychology.

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Testimonials – April, 2022

“This workshop was a perfect extension and addition of new material to my previous training. So glad I am here.”

“Monique has amazing depth and breadth of knowledge and experience. She beautifully modelled the counselling skills I want/need to develop. Monique is 100% authentic!”

“The program highlight for me was the freedom of being able to blend all the various modalities in new, different and personal ways.”

“I really appreciated the pace and the commitment to integration of the information.”

“Monique hold’s the space so well.”

“I found this workshop so valuable, both personally and professionally. Like a missing link being uncovered!”

“I love the theory and practice, it’s a great mix of the two. I’m excited to see where we will go in the SAFE-T® series.”

“Monique’s facilitation was excellent! She is knowledgable, articulate, safe, compassionate and confident. Thank you Monique for creating an opportunity for supported regulation when I became dysregulated.”

“This workshop was amazing, brain activating and sparkling! I love the practical exercises despite being confronting at times.”

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