I am passionate about supporting both beginning and experienced therapists who are ready to take their therapy practice to the next level, to integrate new frameworks, principles and skills. Therapists who want to work holistically, safely, experientially and joyfully with their clients. Therapists who are not afraid to take a deep dive into their own attachment and nervous system along the way.

Mentoring for Qualified Therapists Ready to Imagine, Create, Embody and Liberate Love

Expand your Passion to Help Others Heal and Become a Leader in your Field.

Do you want a counselling practice based on explicit therapeutic principles that invite clients into a world beyond ‘talking’, a practice that offers a ‘bottom-up’ creative and embodied approach?

Could you imagine having research-based theories and frameworks firmly supporting your practice to enhance your client’s attachment and nervous system repair?

How about having a range of expressive modalities to choose from to meet your client where they are at and really know which intervention to use when?

I am passionate about supporting both beginning and experienced therapists who are ready to take their therapy practice to the next level, to integrate new frameworks, principles and skills. Therapists who want to work holistically, safely, experimentally and joyfully with their clients. Therapists who are not afraid to take a deep dive into their own attachment and nervous system along the way.

No therapist is an island. While therapeutic skill is the product of years of practice and self-determination, most therapists, no matter where they are in their career, need a mentor: someone who, directly or indirectly, ​takes them under their wing and inspires them to be a better therapist.

This highly specialised, 8-month online MENTORSHIP PROGRAM for Counselling Therapists, will do just that. It will take you into the extraordinary world of Somatic Attachment Focused Expressive Therapies® (SAFE-T).

I will have your back.
I will be here when you need support.

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You will Learn How To:

  • Identify attachment styles
  • Use appropriate language that will help you attune quickly to your client’s nervous system
  • Help clients identify secure base and safe haven gaps
  • Support clients to find and grow internal and external resources
  • Use ritual and rhythm in the counselling session to create safety
  • Learn ‘corrective experiences’ necessary for secure functioning
  • Introduce processes to support emotion regulation
  • Use a range of expressive modalities to support your client’s learning style
  • Learn about the Expressive Therapies Continuum
  • Encourage imagination and creativity to help restore hope and build resilience
  • Focus on recovery rather than pathology
  • Increase your client’s self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Increase your capacity for presence, holding space and ‘being with’ each client
  • Build an understanding of how to use somatic awareness to access autonomic states
  • Identify autonomic states and how to support clients’ flexibility to shift states
  • Practice and master the art of invitational language
  • Be with clients so that you don’t lead or follow, but rather walk side-by-side, both curious and confident

We need therapeutic leaders who are not just grounded in theory, but who have themselves explored their own internal terrain, who have experienced their own profound attachment and nervous system repair, so that they can intuitively take clients to the deeper places they themselves have been.

Maybe you’ve experienced some of the following clinical issues:

  • Parents who display anger at their child for things they were never allowed to be angry about when they were young
  • Adolescents who are self-harming with a history of family loss and disruption
  • Adults who display anxious preoccupation with partner’s whom they are trying to parent/fix, when they themselves were not well parented
  • Children with peer difficulties, emotion dysregulation, high sensitivity
  • Client’s with neurodiversity differences
  • Client’s exploring their sexuality or gender diversity
  • Overwhelming distress when in relationship, even though they desperately want it to work
  • Client’s impacted by neglectful parenting which shows up as a lack of self-care
  • Client’s impacted by intrusive parenting which shows up as self-doubt
  • Intergenerational trauma where a past injustice has been passed on and is felt deeply
  • Adults who suffer the injustices of exclusion and ridicule in current relating dynamics and have not yet learned to leave, to stand on their own two feet for a time, to find their true and like-minded tribe
  • Separation anxiety and collapse after relationship break-up
  • Client’s who were adopted or grew up in or are growing up in foster care
  • Inability to leave a toxic relationship
  • Children whose parents are separating, or who have experienced family disruption
  • Parents who are overly anxious about their child’s well-being
  • Clients who talk so fast, it’s hard to keep up, slow them down and difficult to engage their body
  • Dismissive clients that express dysregulation and discontent but are reluctant to engage their vulnerability, their body or their emotional world
  • Partner’s stuck in blame and victimhood desperately wanting the other to change
  • Adult’s crippled by shame and an internalised critic
  • Clients with few boundaries, who’ve experienced boundary violation
  • Clients who have lost their voice, their autonomy, their sense of self
  • Clients who regularly blame or shame you, their therapist

Let’s face it, working as a therapist is challenging and people’s lives are complex. Many of the strategies we use are effective and yet sometimes we feel lost, disoriented and overwhelmed.

This is when being a part of a MENTORING Program means you will not be left alone grappling with the common complexities of your own case load. It means you will always have access to support when you need it; a place to pose clinical questions, and a place to find inspiration. Imagine having a like-minded, experienced mentor who has your back. Imagine having a team of like-minded colleagues cheering you on.

  • Many other approaches to therapy don’t incorporate or recognise the importance of our nervous system and our autonomic states, and how we can learn to move flexibly between them, employing our social engagement system, instead of getting stuck in autonomic responses of fight, flight or freeze.
  • Other approaches don’t acknowledge our wired in need to connect with others for survival and miss the crucial blueprint laid down in early attachment patterning. They miss how we can support our clients to ‘earn security’ and how we can implement ‘corrective experiences’ to help re-pattern the attachment system.
  • Other approaches ignore the great importance of imagination, creativity and play in the development of resilience and recovery.​

In Somatic Attachment Focused Expressive Therapy® we combine all three approaches to support healing in a creative, embodied and relational way.

About Your Mentor

Monique Pangari
M Ed (SGC); M Ed (BM); B Ed/B Arts (Psych); Adv Dip ET; Cert IV TAA; COS-P; EFT-C; SEP (level II); DARe; PMACA

Monique is the founder of Somatic Attachment Focused Expressive Therapy® (SAFE-T). She is a mother of two, a trained School Teacher, a certified Trainer and an accredited and experienced Psychotherapist. She has experience working and living in an Aboriginal community as a classroom Teacher, with children at-risk in schools as a Behaviour Support Advisory Teacher, with children and families affected by abuse as a Child Protection Child & Family Therapist, as a specialist Counsellor in the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse, as a Counsellor with families experiencing Separation & Divorce, as a Clinical Consultant supporting schools to prepare for, respond to and recover from suicide, and as a state-wide Post Adoption Support Counsellor & Mediator. Currently she sees parents, individual adults and children in private practice and is a Trainer and Supervisor of counselling professionals.

Monique is passionate about using the model of attachment theory and the creative practice of Expressive Therapies, including Sandplay Therapy, to enhance her understanding and practice with traumatised populations. She invites therapists to consider…what if your own personal attachment wounds were the key to being a successful compassionate therapist? What if your own creative process of healing those wounds gave you the map to helping others heal their attachment wounds?

Monique has undergraduate training in Education and Psychology and holds two Masters Degrees majoring in Behaviour Management and Guidance & Counselling. She is a Professional Member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and has post-graduate qualifications in Somatic Experiencing, Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience (DARe), Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples, Circle of Security Parenting and Circle of Security Core Sensitivities, Family Constellations, Voice Dialogue, Expressive Therapies and Sandplay Therapy. Find out more

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Mentorship Snap-Shot

  • Over 8 months you will join and attend the six live, in-person SAFE-T® training 3-day workshops being held in the beautiful Byron Bay region in Northern NSW in 2021. (worth $5,000)
  • You will have access to a bi-monthly 2-hour group webinar over Zoom, followed by a 1-hour practice session, where we will revisit core concepts and exercises covered in the training and apply to your clinical practice, your life and within the group (worth $4,800).
  • Once a month you will have access to a 90-minute Individual Supervision session with me (worth $1,200).
  • Six 1-hour Guest Teacher Interviews (worth $3000).
  • All resources, including articles, videos of client work and experiential exercise outlines will be shared online, so that you have access to them to use with your clients (worth $2000).
  • Unlimited email support. So that you have a hand to hold and a wise ally walking with you as you grow new skills with your clients (invaluable).

That’s over $16,000 worth of valuable professional training, supervision, expert advice, resource provision and collegial support!
For EIGHT full months!!


Here’s what we’ll cover during the 8-month Mentorship:

It’s Somatic.  It’s Relational.  It’s Creativity on steroids.
It cultivates resiliency, state flexibility, creativity, recovery, healing and the self-agency to steward the counselling practice you desire for yourself and your clients.

  • Introduction to the field of Expressive Therapy
  • Components of trauma-informed care
  • Components of trauma-informed Expressive Therapy
  • Trauma-informed Expressive Therapy interventions
  • Parts of the brain and their relationships to traumatic events and trauma-informed practice
  • Neurosequential development and the Expressive Therapies Continuum
  • Why self-regulation, safety and resilience-enhancement are important to trauma-informed expressive therapy
  • Practice expressive grounding approaches
  • Why movement, sound, storytelling, and silence are key elements of Expressive Therapy healing practice
  • Introduction to the field of Attachment
  • Attachment as a Survival Imperative
  • The Strange Situation Test
  • The Adult Attachment Inventory
  • The Four Attachment Styles
  • Earned Security and Secure Functioning
  • Attachment Resourcing & Ally’s
  • Self-regulation interventions using expressive modalities that increase mindfulness and interoception
  • Expressive Therapy as a form of body-based psychotherapy
  • Introduction to Secure Base
  • Anxious/Ambivalent Attachment
  • Core Sensitivity – Separation, “Don’t Leave Me”
  • Core Wounds and Shark Music
  • The role of memory – Implicit and Explicit
  • The Strange Situation experiment findings
  • The Preoccupied Parent
  • Protest Behaviour
  • Hardwiring Hope & Happiness
  • Receiving Love
  • Self-Compassion
  • The Anxious Attachment Questionnaire
  • Earned Security for the Anxiously Attached
  • Corrective Experiences
  • Introduction to Safe Haven
  • Avoidant Attachment
  • Core Sensitivity – Esteem, “Don’t Banish Me”
  • The Dismissive Parent
  • The Strange Situation Experiment Findings
  • Characteristics of Avoidant Attachment
  • The Avoidant Attachment Questionnaire
  • De-Activating Techniques
  • Earned Security for the Avoidantly Attached
  • Vulnerability, Authenticity & Shame Resilience
  • Moving Toward Interdependency
  • Repair, Acceptance & Forgiveness
  • The impact of fear on relating
  • Disorganised Attachment
  • Core Sensitivity – Safety, “Don’t Intrude on Me”
  • Trauma & the Nervous System
  • Characteristics of Disorganised Attachment
  • The Unintegrated Parent
  • The Disorganised Attachment Questionnaire
  • Earned Security for the Disorganised Client
  • Visualisation, Relaxation & Mindfulness
  • Resourcing
  • Working with Complex Trauma
  • Case Presentations and Graduation
  • Clinical considerations
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Ongoing supervision in SAFE-T®
  • Working with different populations
  • Further research
  • Group Sandplay Process
  • Presentation of Self Reflection Process
  • Final Case Presentation
  • Graduation Ceremony

Mentorship Details

  • $6,490 AUD paid in full (earlybird price – never to be repeated).
  • Or $869 AUD per month x 8.
  • MONTHLY 1:1 Supervision session with Monique (8 x 1.5 hours)
  • Intimate in-depth 8-month mastery immersion with Monique.
  • Access Monique’s entire body of work content for 8 months.
  • Expert content: reading, inquiry, video lessons & practice.
  • Bimonthly Zoom calls (x16).
  • Videos of Monique’s interviews with guest teachers.
  • Membership site.
  • 6 x LIVE Face-to-Face 3-day workshops with Monique and your tribe in the beautiful Byron Bay region.
  • Optional private FB group membership and support.
  • Hang out with me for a whole 8 months. I’ll teach you everything I know.
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Scholarship Details

Scholarships aim to broaden opportunities and make learning and growing a successful experience. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning (LGBTIQ) practitioners, along with Australian Indigenous practitioners, often face unique challenges in their personal lives, workplaces and academia; funding shouldn’t be one of them.

It’s more important than ever for the LGBTIQ community and for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to include their presence in the world of welfare, psychology and psychotherapy. By creating access to scholarships, LGBTIQ along with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals can better shape cultural progress.

For this reason I have made two scholarship’s available each year: The SAFE-T® Queer Leaders Scholarship and the SAFE-T® Sovereign Leaders Scholarship. Read below for details and to apply.

Please Note: As I am passionate about increasing the numbers and elevating the voices of Queer & First Nations Therapists, I will be offering partial scholarships for those that apply but miss out on the full scholarship.

Dearest Monique,
I’ve been thinking of you sitting with me all those times of sharing my grief and felt so deeply grateful for who you have been for me, and for SO MANY. Your work is so incredibly important.

Recently I felt you near me with your beautiful presence and I visualised you picking up all the broken pieces of a blue clay bowl that represented me and my shattered bits. You were on the floor with me picking up each piece, gently and respectfully saying that you were here to gather the pieces and put them back into my hands to put together again.
It was a powerful vision and I wanted to share it with you. That’s the impact you have. Your therapeutic presence remains embodied in me years after the Expressive Therapies training and the times spent since. You are the benevolent presence all of us wounded birds need. I hope you can feel all my love and gratitude right now.Thank you.

Dear Monique, I wanted to let you know what a difference you made in my life. Your professionalism, warmth, genuine concern and knowledge provided a safe space for me to learn, understand and grow. It truly was a life changing journey. I am now stronger, happier and more independent in my relationship than ever before. Thank you.
Monique is absolutely lovely & wonderful!  She has such a great mix of personal, accessible energy along with depth and breadth of experience, as well as the ability to convey theoretical concepts clearly.
Counsellor, Brisbane

Monique’s ability to hold a safe, nurturing space in which to learn and heal was paramount to the emotional, relational and intellectual depth I was able to go to in the training.

Psychologist, Gold Coast

You are so awesome! You have no idea just how much you and your work has done for me.

I so appreciate you for all that you do.

Psychologist, Brisbane

You’re an angel!  Your gift is so profound!  Thank you for sharing your gift of love.

Counsellor, Brisbane

Monique was excellent! She has a great knowledge of both Trauma and Sandplay. Her sensitivity and skill as a therapist came into play allowing greater focus on the experiential aspect of learning the content and tools

Counsellor, Mullumbimby

Monique is absolutely lovely & wonderful! She has such a great mix of personal, accessible energy along with depth and breadth of experience, as well as the ability to convey theoretical concepts clearly.

Counsellor, Brisbane

Monique’s ability to hold a safe, nurturing space in which to learn and heal was paramount to the emotional, relational and intellectual depth I was able to go to in the training.

Psychologist, Gold Coast