Being adopted presents episodic and life-long challenges to the adopted person. Healing Adoption Trauma exists to provide education, therapeutic support and community to fellow adoptees.

At ‘Healing Adoption Trauma’, we aim to…

  • Centre the voices of all Adoptees (this includes domestic, interracial, intercountry, late discovery, foster to adopt);
  • Empower Adoptee Sovereignty (to be Self-governing);
  • Provide opportunities to access online group support, education and resources;
  • Provide information & frameworks about the impact of adoption;
  • Educate about trauma and attachment;
  • Provide healing opportunities and support for post traumatic growth;
  • Welcome ALL adoptees and individuals raised by non-biological carers, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, spiritual or religious beliefs, sexuality or gender;
  • Encourage ongoing learning about the various and life-long impacts of adoption, unknown donor conception and surrogacy;
  • Provide community for Adoptees to be seen, heard and supported by fellow adoptees who have similar lived experience;
  • Be inclusive of a variety of theoretical orientations and clinical applications.

If our mission resonates with you and you would like to be a part of an adoptee-led service that provides education, support and community, there are a couple of ways you can join the conversation.

You can: