Hello and welcome to Monique Pangari’s Terms and Conditions page. Maybe it’s not the most ‘exciting’ page on this website but it’s important for everyone’s peace of mind. Please read Monique’s Privacy Policy and the other terms referenced on this page carefully. If you have any queries or concerns relating to anything at all on this page please contact Monique.


​These terms and conditions form the agreement between Monique Pangari (“us” “our” “we”) and our Customers and Clients (“you” “your”). This agreement commences when you purchase enrolment in the events and services found on this website and continues until termination is made in accordance with these terms. We may update these terms and conditions from time to time, so we recommend that you re-visit this page to stay informed of any changes that are made. Any changes to our terms will only apply to new offerings that emerge and will never be changed during an existing program that is already running without direct email notification. No sneaky business. All out in the open. If you don’t like what you read – then either let us know or simply don’t buy from us. Easy. PRIVACY POLICY:

The privacy of Monique’s customers is of utmost importance. Our Internet privacy policy is as follows:

  1. You do not have to give us personal information to visit our site.
  2. Your email address is collected only when you sign up for training or to receive newsletters or information. You may unsubscribe at any time.
  3. Personal data is only collected to verify your address for delivery of services, and to confirm you are the valid user of a given credit card. No data is collected without you first acknowledging you wish to supply this data.
  4. We do not store your credit card details, all shopping is done real time, with a direct, secure connection from our site to our Merchant provider. We use a secure gateway connection and have a SSL certificate installed.
  5. We will never sell or transfer any personal information to a third party.



Monique’s business model is founded on feminine values and feminist principles. She values honesty, integrity and transparent human relating. Action comes from joy, care, ease, trust and generosity. It’s about co-creating a world we want to live in.

Monique’s vision is of a world filled with secure functioning individuals that are part of creative communities. Her mission is to reach more therapists – to train therapists all over the country in the core principles of SAFE-T® in order to build an army that can respond to crisis that occur in humanity. She is here to support you to recognise yourself as the source of your lived experience (response to life) and to access the self-agency to co-create a life and world that you love. It’s an inside job. This is the stuff that cannot be outsourced any longer. Monique’s business is her art. Her art is her Medicine and gift to humanity.


Everything on offer here on this website is a result and expression of Monique’s lived experience, training, courage and strength. She brings all of it. All of herself to all of her work. She created it, she is the blueprint, she birthed it and she owns it. So, if you choose to sign up and work with her – in person, in a group workshop, or online – you can trust that you will receive great value and heart for your investment. In the same way as you cannot go to see a therapist each week for 2-3 months and then ask for a refund on the fees paid for sessions you’ve already had – we expect you to have the same appreciation for these lovingly crafted specialist programs. None of them are pre-made, cookie-cutter mass-production style offerings. You will be working and relating directly with Monique Pangari and her collaborators in ‘real-time’. These relationships are central to how Monique works, to the core business values of Monique. You get to work with her live throughout the training/ workshop/ retreat/ session/ class. This is a co-creative relational process and contract. A human-to-human relationship and agreement upon purchase. As such all sales are final. We do not accept returns for these services once provided. Therefore no ‘full’ refund will be given for any of Monique’s services or programs under any circumstances. However conditional partial refunds may apply. No problem. You can read about it in each section below. But once you’ve eaten your cake – you can’t ask for a refund.


It’s pretty simple really. Monique personally stands by her services. Decades of expertise, condensed and translated into modern-day accessible resources and courses. We think they’re awesome, and we guarantee you will too if you engage in them the way they are intended/instructed. The thought of unhappy customers keeps Monique up at night. Call us on 0439 456 335 or send us an email at hello@moniquepangari.com. We are here to help. If you’re unhappy with your experience for any reason, we want to make it right and give you the kind of service you’ll want to thank us for.


  • We conduct our business services in accordance with, and you have the rights as provided by, the Australian Consumer Law (“the law”). Under the law, we are not required to provide a refund for a change of mind.
  • Up to 7 days notice before the start date: full refund less 50%.
  • Less than 1 weeks notice before the start date: no refund will be given unless your place can be filled. If it is filled you will receive a 50% refund.
  • You may transfer the event to a friend.
  • All sales are final. Monique does not accept returns. This also means no credits. If you purchase then can’t attend you may transfer to a friend.
  • No ‘full’ refund will be given for any of Monique’s value-packed programs under any circumstance.
  • Before committing to Monique’s programs be sure you are ready to engage and commit to your own growth and the growth of your practice. Be clear about the inclusions, commitment and dates for the event/offering.
  • Monique stands by her work and wholeheartedly believes in its power to restore, repair and rewire you and your clients. If you participate fully in her expert content as instructed she believes you will be satisfied and become a devoted new fan. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied please email us to discuss.
  • Monique is more interested in increasing secure functioning than supporting you to resist and create more obstacles. So, if you do have any issues with her or the service or extenuating circumstances reach out to us. She will talk to you about what’s in the way, and do all she can to get you back on track. She wants you to be settled.
  • If for some reason you are not enjoying her training – then please talk to her as soon as you can (during the event) – so we can endeavour to resolve the issue. On occasion this deep work can initiate ‘resistance’ to show up. It’s helpful if Monique knows what’s going on for you so she can support you through it and get you back into the process.
  • If you fail to be in communication with Monique about any issues you might be having and you cancel or break your Payment Agreement – your Enrolment and all content access will be frozen until all outstanding training fees are paid up to date.
  • If you absolutely want to leave then that’s ok too. We can discuss the options and make it happen. You will need to demonstrate and document in detail that you have engaged in and completed all coursework up to the date of your contact/complaint if you are to receive a partial refund. See the ‘WITHDRAWAL & PARTIAL REFUND’ section below.
  • Withdrawing at any time or failure to complete and pay for the Training in its entirety means you will not be eligible to undertake certification or share or distribute any of the content delivered within the program. You will forfeit all rights to all content, materials and intellectual property delivered so far.
  • If for any reason the training is cancelled by Monique Pangari, you will receive 100% of your payment back.


The Refund is conditional upon:

  • your having fully participated in all Training content, exercises and curriculum up until the date of your withdrawal.
  • submission of your concerns/complaint; and
  • returning all materials to us within ten days.

Once we have received all of the above from you, and if we can see that you have met these conditions, a refund will be processed using the payment gateway through which payment was made, within ten business days.


If you notify us of your intention to withdraw at the end of Workshop One, you will receive a partial refund of funds paid, less 50% of the full price (not the early bird price), which will be retained by us to cover the cost of the services and admin already provided to you, plus any payment gateway fees. If you withdraw from Monique’s training series after Workshop Two you must pay all fees if any are still owing for the course.

You understand that if necessary Monique will engage the services of a Debt Collection Agency to attain any owed fees from your training tuition that are outstanding and that if this is required you will be liable for the agency fees charged to do this. We reserve the right to remove you from the Training if you are in arrears and/or failing to be in communication with us about owed funds. You will be reinstated at any time you pay your owed fees.

Withdrawing at any time means you will not be eligible to undertake certification or share or distribute any of the content delivered within the program. You will forfeit all rights to all content, materials and intellectual property.


  • We love our clients and customers. We’re here to hear you and help.
  • Our policy is to answer all email and phone inquiries promptly, usually within 24 working hours, during business hours.
  • Our priority is to ensure your satisfaction with our service.
  • Our Mission is to make it easy and joyful for you and for us.
  • If you have any questions regarding your order or if you feel unsure about anything on this page or website please contact us.