Are you ready to be the change you want to see in the world?

Therapists who really get that love can change the world and are being called to create a counselling practice founded on connection, compassion and creativity – people who are ready to be pioneers of this mission – now have an exciting chance to train with me to become a Somatic Attachment Focused Expressive Therapy Practitioner or a Somatic Sand Therapy Practitioner, to Liberate Love in themselves and in their clients.

Professional Training

We are all born wired to love! This template is in our cells. People everywhere, from all walks of life are not just ready for it, they are L O N G I N G to love and be loved like they’ve never been hurt before. Children deserve love, the kind of love that makes them thrive, not just survive. Our comrades, communities and classrooms need connection not isolation, compassion not judgment, creativity not containment.

It seems that when our systems become overwhelmed, we forget how to love. And we are in trouble…children continue to be abused, ignored or scapegoated, relationships break up, communications break down, addictions block presence, politicians peddle fear, trauma is passed on from generation to generation. Returning our systems, our families and our communities back to an alignment with love is not just a necessity, it is entirely possible.

Are you ready to be the change you want to see in the world?

Therapists who really get that love can change the world and are called to create a counselling practice founded on connection, compassion and creativity are invited to train with me to become registered Somatic Sand Therapy Practitioners (SST) and Somatic Attachment Focused Expressive Therapy Practitioners (SAFE-T), to Liberate Love in themselves and in their clients. It is an opportunity to join a growing tribe of heart-centered counsellors who are not only ready to embrace their own barriers to loving unconditionally, but are ready to take a stand for humanity. You’ll learn what it takes to support your clients with loving presence toward greater security in their relationships. This is a movement, a cause. And it calls for professionals who are ready to become certified and trained in my Somatic Attachment Focused Expressive Therapy™ and Somatic Sand Therapy™ Training programs.

Both my Somatic Sand Therapy™ training and my SAFE-T™ training programs will give you access to my unique practice methods and teachings. A fusion of 20 years of personal and professional effort, suffering and insight, teaching therapists the art of presence, working with children who’ve been abused, children at risk of exclusion in the school system, parents who struggle to see their children through the eyes of compassion, adults affected by childhood sexual abuse and family violence, parents experiencing separation and divorce and the impact on the family, couples in distress, schools recovering from suicide, adults whose lives have been forever impacted by the loss of adoption and the lessons learned from my own attachment history, my own trauma, my own extensive journey of parenthood, my own journey of love, identity, sexuality, divorce and loss along with my ongoing journey of recovery, resilience and integration.

Imagine being among a group of therapists that stands out above the rest – not because they have read more books, or conducted more research, or even seen more clients. No, that’s not what will set you apart.

Accredited Training Courses for Professionals

Exceptional therapists have the courage to visit openly the dark places in their own history in order to bring integration and wholeness to their hearts and lives. They do this relentlessly so that they can shine a very bright light for others to follow. These are the therapists that truly change the world. They take their clients where they have already been. They become role models for others in the field. They do this because of their commitment not just to heal the places inside that may need some loving attention, but to live an extraordinary life. These therapists are not simply practitioners – they are leaders.

Just imagine what it might be like to really find your tribe, to feel an unwavering sense of belonging, to take a stand for what you believe in, and to make a purposeful and meaningful contribution. To co-create a legacy founded on LOVE. Sound good?

If you feel moved to make a difference and called to learn more with a growing tribe of like-minded professionals cheering you on, I invite you to consider joining this movement to LIBERATE LOVE.

I have worked with hundreds of people and witnessed lives transform. I am passionate about leading you to do the same…

Will you join me?

The range of truly unique and creative tools you’ll experience and learn in my programs are extensive and will, without a doubt, increase your ability to impact your clients in profound ways. You will be armed with the most current and potent expressive and somatic healing tools available – to implement from the very first workshop with your clients.


But be warned: These are not just your average run-of-the-mill training programs…

Attachment System Repair

This beautiful, courageous work is designed to cultivate necessary levels of safety in order to nurture repair and realign with attachment security. But it’s waaaaaaaay more than that. It’s love-fuelled, intuitive, soulful and generous. It’s educational, a little bit sciencey and incredibly practical. It’s steeped in kindness, creativity, resonance and boundless love.

I’ve been described as, “having a rare gift for generating a sense of safety, trust and respect, delivering knowledge, skills and experience in a clear, engaging, personable and easy-to-understand way.” As being, “knowledgeable, generous, inspiring, fun, a great listener, gentle, inspirational, passionate, wise, articulate, committed, dedicated, warm, calming, heart-centred, unique and highly experienced and professional”.

How these Certificate Training Programs work:

Embrace your own Liberation first.
Identify your attachment style. Explore how it developed and how it shows up in your life now. Learn how to self-regulate and re-orient back to security, often. Embody self-love and compassion. Use Symbology to create the change you seek. Undertake a process to become more aligned with your authentic Self. Then take what you’ve learned and explore with clients.

These unique, heart-centered, multi-modal and integrative training programs promise to challenge your ideas about what love and healing is all about. Not only will you be learning to help others – they will inspire you to redefine your values about community and renew your self-love vows.

These training programs will deliver the ‘science’ of the work as well as provide an opportunity for you to literally experience the healing power of Somatic Sand Therapy™ and Somatic Attachment Focused Expressive Therapy™. I have developed this body of work over my 20 years of teaching, training, counselling and holding space for others to transform their lives in my various professional roles.

It’s this perfect combination (sciencey, educational, experiential, creative, embodied and loving) that makes this work so unique and so unrivalled. I promise that not just your clients, but your own heart as well, will give you a round of applause at the end of these training programs. They will transform your counselling practice, rewire your neurology and enrich your relationships. You will graduate laden with tools to empower and liberate love within yourself and your clients.

This work is about way more than simply supporting our clients to feel heard. It’s about sewing love into all the right places. It opens the door for little miracles to occur. For yourself, for your clients and for your community.

Who are these Certificate Training Programs for?

  • Graduates who’ve got the piece of paper and now need the tools to really get to the heart of the issue with their clients.
  • Experienced Counsellors who are ready to transform and realign their practice with love and security.
  • Anyone who wants to replace burnout with a renewed, sustainable and deeply compassionate view of their clients.
  • Professionals who simply get a big, “YES” for it. My kinda people…

It’s for those who resonate with my message. People who are not only ready to support clients from a deeply compassionate place but who also feel called to champion the message of living life from a place of empowered, embodied security. To help steer humanity back to a place of love and kindness. People who are committed to enhancing both authentic community and self-love. Who value attunement – that deeply delicious feeling of being seen and understood. It’s for professionals who want to make a difference, a meaningful contribution to life – without burning out.

It’s for Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Youth Workers, Chaplains, Guidance Officers, Welfare workers, Behaviour Management Specialists, Foster Carers, Allied Health Professionals, Sexologists, Relationship Educators, anybody who works to support the well-being of children, young people, parents or adults. People who want to integrate this work into their own professional work, or who want to incorporate the work in its entirety.

It’s for client-focused therapists who value working intuitively and with loving presence with their clients. It’s for counsellors who want to learn the practice of working with clients from the heart, who are willing to turn up physically and engage in a hands-on exploration of relationship – the very vulnerable dance between themselves and another. The depth to which we explore this in ourselves is the depth to how well we support the growth and healing of it in others.

Certificate Courses:

About Your Trainer

Monique Pangari
M Ed (SGC); M Ed (BM); B Ed/B Arts (Psych); Adv Dip ET; Cert IV TAA; COS-P; EFT-C; SEP; DARe; NATouch; PMACA
Monique is the founder of Somatic Attachment Focused Expressive Therapy® (SAFE-T). She is a mother of two, a trained School Teacher, a certified Trainer and an accredited and experienced Psychotherapist. She has experience working and living in an Aboriginal community as a classroom Teacher, with children at-risk in schools as a Behaviour Support Advisory Teacher, with children and families affected by abuse as a Child Protection Child & Family Therapist, as a specialist Counsellor in the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse, as a Counsellor with families experiencing Separation & Divorce, as a Clinical Consultant supporting schools to prepare for, respond to and recover from suicide, and as a state-wide Post Adoption Support Counsellor & Mediator. Currently she sees parents, individual adults and children in private practice and is a Trainer and Supervisor of counselling professionals.

Monique is passionate about using the model of attachment theory and the creative practice of Expressive Therapies, including Sandplay Therapy, to enhance her understanding and practice with traumatised populations. She invites therapists to consider…what if your own personal attachment wounds were the key to being a successful compassionate therapist? What if your own creative process of healing those wounds gave you the map to helping others heal their attachment wounds?
Monique has undergraduate training in Education and Psychology and holds two Masters Degrees majoring in Behaviour Management and Guidance & Counselling. She is a Professional Member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and has post-graduate qualifications in Somatic Experiencing, Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience (DARe), NeuroAffective Touch, Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples, Circle of Security Parenting and Circle of Security Core Sensitivities, Family Constellations, Voice Dialogue, Expressive Therapies and Sandplay Therapy. Find out more

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    You’re an angel!  Your gift is so profound!  Thank you for sharing your gift of love.

    Counsellor, Brisbane

    Monique is absolutely lovely & wonderful! She has such a great mix of personal, accessible energy along with depth and breadth of experience, as well as the ability to convey theoretical concepts clearly.

    Counsellor, Brisbane
    Dearest Monique,
    I’ve been thinking of you sitting with me all those times of sharing my grief and felt so deeply grateful for who you have been for me, and for SO MANY. Your work is so incredibly important.

    Recently I felt you near me with your beautiful presence and I visualised you picking up all the broken pieces of a blue clay bowl that represented me and my shattered bits. You were on the floor with me picking up each piece, gently and respectfully saying that you were here to gather the pieces and put them back into my hands to put together again.
    It was a powerful vision and I wanted to share it with you. That’s the impact you have. Your therapeutic presence remains embodied in me years after the Expressive Therapies training and the times spent since. You are the benevolent presence all of us wounded birds need. I hope you can feel all my love and gratitude right now.Thank you.

    You are so awesome! You have no idea just how much you and your work has done for me.

    I so appreciate you for all that you do.

    Psychologist, Brisbane

    Monique was excellent! She has a great knowledge of both Trauma and Sandplay. Her sensitivity and skill as a therapist came into play allowing greater focus on the experiential aspect of learning the content and tools

    Counsellor, Mullumbimby
    Dear Monique, I wanted to let you know what a difference you made in my life. Your professionalism, warmth, genuine concern and knowledge provided a safe space for me to learn, understand and grow. It truly was a life changing journey. I am now stronger, happier and more independent in my relationship than ever before. Thank you.

    Monique’s ability to hold a safe, nurturing space in which to learn and heal was paramount to the emotional, relational and intellectual depth I was able to go to in the training.

    Psychologist, Gold Coast

    Monique’s ability to hold a safe, nurturing space in which to learn and heal was paramount to the emotional, relational and intellectual depth I was able to go to in the training.

    Psychologist, Gold Coast
    Monique is absolutely lovely & wonderful!  She has such a great mix of personal, accessible energy along with depth and breadth of experience, as well as the ability to convey theoretical concepts clearly.
    Counsellor, Brisbane