Depth Somatic Psychotherapy for Women – An Embodied Approach to Wholeness, Healing and Integration

“Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force filled with good instincts, passionate creativity and ageless knowing. Bone by bone, hair by hair, Wild Woman comes back. Through night dreams, through events half understood and half remembered…” Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Welcome to my Counselling & Psychotherapy Practice.

What is Somatic Psychotherapy, you may be wondering? “Somatic” simply means body-oriented. By focusing your awareness on internal sensation, emotion and physical movement, somatic psychotherapy allows you to experience your body in the present moment, because healing happens in the here and now. The word “Psychotherapy” is made up of two parts: ‘psyche’ meaning ‘soul’, and ‘therapy’ meaning, ‘to tend and care for’. So the practice of Somatic Psychotherapy is to tend and care for the body and soul.

As a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist with over 20 years experience, I offer the women and non-binary folk I work with the opportunity to turn inward, towards the body and soul and to safely tend to any tensions that are currently present in their life through somatic, symbolic, archetypal, mythopoetic and expressive depth processes. I offer face-to-face sessions in my serene, nature-surround, private counselling studio on Gubbi Gubbi land, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Just like nature, I firmly believe the women I work with are whole and complete just as they are. All the wisdom we need is right here, right now, inside us, simply waiting to be expressed, embodied and lived through our one precious life. It is my great privilege to witness and guide you on your path to wholeness.

Throughout my career I have been drawn to experiential processes that get to the heart of the matter. That get underneath the chatter of the mind and that touch the places inside we rarely listen to, yet hold great wisdom for our lives. I believe that our psyche and soma (mind and body) are intricately connected to each other, to nature and to the collective. I encourage the women I work with to turn with curiosity towards their inner, most authentic Self, in order to face the inevitable suffering of life and to create meaning from the challenging, but often beautiful, experiences life throws their way.

I value and create safe therapeutic spaces and relationships with women that welcome all of who they are through self-expression, movement, touch and symbolic representation. I welcome the shadow parts; the young, innocent and often wounded parts; the yet-to-be known parts; the oh-so-loving parts; and the wise-ancient-woman parts. I commit to continuously growing alongside you, as we traverse the often times mysterious and mystical path towards a life worth living.

Through my own extensive process of integrating early developmental trauma and attachment disruption, I have followed many pathways to the soul, to the heart and to the body. Some of these include: Jungian Sandplay Therapy, Expressive Therapies, Somatic Experiencing®, Dynamic Attachment Repatterning experience, NeuroAffective Touch®, Family Constellations, Yoga and Holotropic Breathwork. From my extensive training and work with clients, and my own personal life experience, I bring a depth and warmth to my clinical practice to support and guide women on their path of self-awakening and growth.

Who Do I Work With?

“The doors to the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door. If you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and water so much you almost can not bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.” Clarissa Pinkola Estés

I work with adult women and non-binary folk. I welcome those who have experienced early developmental trauma (also known as attachment trauma), relationship concerns or breakdown, loss and grief (including disenfranchised grief), extensive stress and burnout, anxiety and/or depression, identity issues, life transitions, adoption/relinquishment trauma, the discovery of neurodiversity, and by default, who may be experiencing blocked creativity and disconnection from their body, nature, Self and Soul Life.

Extensive stress, a busy and chaotic lifestyle, toxic relationships (past or present), climate change and the impact of systemic injustices such as colonisation, racism, neurotypical dominance, patriarchy & homophobia can have a huge impact on our connection to Self and to the collective. Most healing journeys involve a process of grieving what we did not get, identifying and restoring what’s been missing, realignment between mind and body, installing boundaries in places we feel intruded upon, whilst also building our internal and external resources as we connect more deeply to our wisdom, our goodness, our dreams and our longing.

To discover the modalities I use in my clinic with clients, click How I Work.

Upcoming Personal Development Workshops…

Wild Soul – 2023

November 24 @ 2:00 pm - December 22 @ 5:00 pm

Switch on Security – 2024

August 2, 2024 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

About Your Counsellor

Monique Pangari
M Ed (SGC); M Ed (BM); B Ed/B Arts (Psych); Adv Dip ET; Cert IV TAA; COS-P; EFT-C; SEP; DARe; NATouch; PMACA
Monique is the founder of two unique therapeutic interventions:  Somatic Sand Therapy™ and Somatic Attachment Focused Expressive Therapy™ (SAFE-T). She is a mother of two, a trained School Teacher, a certified Trainer and an accredited and experienced Psychotherapist. She has experience working and living in an Aboriginal community as a classroom Teacher, with children at-risk in schools as a Behaviour Support Advisory Teacher, with children and families affected by abuse as a Child Protection Child & Family Therapist, as a specialist Counsellor in the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse, as a Counsellor with families experiencing Separation & Divorce, as a Clinical Consultant supporting schools to prepare for, respond to and recover from suicide, and as a state-wide Post Adoption Support Counsellor & Intermediary. Currently she sees women in private practice and is a Trainer and Supervisor of counselling professionals.
Monique has undergraduate training in Education and Psychology and holds two Masters Degrees majoring in Behaviour Management and Guidance & Counselling. She is a Level 4 Professional Member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and has post-graduate qualifications in Somatic Experiencing®, Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience (DARe), NeuroAffective Touch®, Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples, Circle of Security Parenting and Circle of Security Core Sensitivities, Family Constellations, Voice Dialogue, Expressive Therapies and Sandplay Therapy. Find out more

Do you have a question about psychotherapy sessions with Monique?

    You’re an angel!  Your gift is so profound!  Thank you for sharing your gift of love.

    Counsellor, Brisbane

    Monique’s ability to hold a safe, nurturing space in which to learn and heal was paramount to the emotional, relational and intellectual depth I was able to go to in the training.

    Psychologist, Gold Coast
    Dearest Monique,
    I’ve been thinking of you sitting with me all those times of sharing my grief and felt so deeply grateful for who you have been for me, and for SO MANY. Your work is so incredibly important.

    Recently I felt you near me with your beautiful presence and I visualised you picking up all the broken pieces of a blue clay bowl that represented me and my shattered bits. You were on the floor with me picking up each piece, gently and respectfully saying that you were here to gather the pieces and put them back into my hands to put together again.
    It was a powerful vision and I wanted to share it with you. That’s the impact you have. Your therapeutic presence remains embodied in me years after the Expressive Therapies training and the times spent since. You are the benevolent presence all of us wounded birds need. I hope you can feel all my love and gratitude right now.Thank you.

    You are so awesome! You have no idea just how much you and your work has done for me.

    I so appreciate you for all that you do.

    Psychologist, Brisbane
    Monique is absolutely lovely & wonderful!  She has such a great mix of personal, accessible energy along with depth and breadth of experience, as well as the ability to convey theoretical concepts clearly.
    Counsellor, Brisbane

    Monique’s ability to hold a safe, nurturing space in which to learn and heal was paramount to the emotional, relational and intellectual depth I was able to go to in the training.

    Psychologist, Gold Coast

    Monique was excellent! She has a great knowledge of both Trauma and Sandplay. Her sensitivity and skill as a therapist came into play allowing greater focus on the experiential aspect of learning the content and tools

    Counsellor, Mullumbimby

    Monique is absolutely lovely & wonderful! She has such a great mix of personal, accessible energy along with depth and breadth of experience, as well as the ability to convey theoretical concepts clearly.

    Counsellor, Brisbane
    Dear Monique, I wanted to let you know what a difference you made in my life. Your professionalism, warmth, genuine concern and knowledge provided a safe space for me to learn, understand and grow. It truly was a life changing journey. I am now stronger, happier and more independent in my relationship than ever before. Thank you.